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Each morning presents an opportunity. What we choose to wear is an act of creativity and execution — for some, this happens a few times a day.

We noticed that the fashion content on existing platforms is almost always finished product - I wore this, or I did this and (indirectly) here’s what I wore.

But when the dress is picked, and you need help with shoes, or the look is too good not to post, Thisfits™ provides a space for sharing and documenting.


To communalize the fashion process, we're building a streamlined social media app for real-time fashion feedback and documentation. Thisfits™ features social feeds where friends and strangers can collaborate on outfits and pieces for specific occasions and series.

Our mobile application utilizes a cutting-edge front- and back-end JavaScript/Cordova framework joined with MongoDB data collections. The Google Maps API maps user posts to locations across the world, and Facebook OAuth support allows users to securely access and manage content.


Thisfits™ because...

Sarah Shavin


I was getting dressed for an event and had no idea what to wear. The lines between business professional to business casual to startup attire are blurring; you could wear a suit, the t-shirt of your company or an elaborate mixed pattern ensemble, and in most cases look equally professional.

That event reminded me of the prom groups we used to make so no girls wore the same dress, or the fact that major global events have an element of style: Coachella, Cannes Film Festival, even the next Presidential Inauguration.

I see Thisfits™ as a space for us to share and store our best looks.

Ryan Steed

lead developer

I'm studying computer science and behavioral economics to explore how technology can enhance the human
identity - we have the ability to explore interaction through the pieces we choose by day and occasion.

Combined with intuitive user experiences and machine learning algorithms, we can design a unique platform that empowers each user and connects the community at large.

I see Thisfits™ as a space for communalizing fashion across the world.

  1. Beta Release

    Winter 2017 - accepting requests.

  2. Official Launch

    Summer 2018 - available to iPhone and Android Users.